Have you seen the latest feature of Google+?

Google is now including search returns that are influenced by their social network as a part of each search that you do.  What this means is that sites that are recommended by people that you know appear more prominently in Google searches. This means that your search returns are being tailored to you personally.

This makes your ability to create and promote a page on Google+ a really good idea. You can visit our page at Search Engine Marketing Chicago on Google+ to see what it looks like.  Once you create a page you can put a badge on your website to solicite +1’s from your visitors. You can see an example of one of the badges on our website Search Engine Marketing Chicago, Inc.

Bing has announced plans to make their returns influences by your social network contacts as well so this is clearly a trend in the major search engines.

Constant Contact has now made Facebook campaign tools available, too. Visit ours at Search Marketing Chicago on Facebook!
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