Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO for Google
sem[c] will improve your search position
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical practice for the success of your website.  It is not a matter of “picking keywords”. It’s not about the latest tech hack or trick. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” package that can be done instantly.

SEO is all about you appearing in search like an authority in your field. This means exactly what you think it means. You need to offer the best quality of service, have good credentials, price your service appropriately, keep up on the latest development and be like-able.

The way we do your SEO is by the book (written by Google).

  • We help you to look “cool” to your prospects
  • We help you say the right things
  • We do all the “under the hood” tech things according to established best practices
  • We make use of all available tools to monitor and improve your results
  • We help guide you about keeping your content fresh and relevant

We are not a  “black hat” practitioner. Underhanded SEO causes problems quickly instead of delivering positive long-term results like those delivered by sem[c].

When I was speaking with one of Google’s SEO consultants and  mentioned that there were people being quite vocal online about SEO being some sort of “scam”, she laughed.  Of course the fact that Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines have SEO people on staff should alert everyone to the validity of the art and science of SEO.

In fact, SEO not only helps with organic search engine return position (SERP), but also results in the improved relevancy that keeps costs down in a paid online search advertising campaign (SEM) and ensures that people looking for what you offer find you easily.

Being relevant is critical in the lightning quick world of online search and the more one’s website is honed to be relevant to its prospects, the more successful it will be.

sem[c]’s combined SEO / SEM campaign for a major Chicago real estate firm nearly doubled the number of visitors and tripled the number of registered site users interested in buying and selling real estate.  These numbers were achieved in a “down” market.  This is the power of SEO.