Is AdWords Too Expensive?


The cost of running an AdWords campaign seems to be a concern to a lot of people … including both my clients and my prospects. Of course, this is one of the reasons that we think that organic SEO is such a great idea for businesses because it delivers qualified clicks with paying for each click.

This is in no way meant to denigrate the value of AdWords in any way. We always strongly suggest a small initial campaign that is designed to accurately discover the most important keyword phrases for your business.  This ensures that optimization will benefit your business in the best possible way. Once you are effectively optimized you can reduce your reliance on paid advertising. We think that’s a good plan, don’t you?

We recently enrolled in a program that Google has created to make our ability to help our clients maximize this benefit.  One thing (of many) they’ve made available is a great brochure explaining AdWords very clearly.  It’s available on our website at:

After you’ve read it you’ll probably want to ramp up traffic to your website with AdWords from sem[c].  When you work with us you’ll get the first $100 free!  Contact us today at 773-769-7362