Gary Sigman Photography

After graduating from the University of Michigan cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Gary Sigman worked as a photographer and videographer for U of M, started an advertising agency, Group Four, and sold his fine art photography at local galleries in Ann Arbor. You would think that would have kept him busy.  Somehow… not enough. Yearning for the degradation of a Big City existence, he thought about moving to New York but couldn’t face the reality of life there without any money. A brief fling thinking about LA ended before it began so he moved to Chicago to practice his art in the Windy City. Kazu Okutomi, Ron Seymour, Robert Keeling and Arnold Zann were his main squeezes as he learned professional photography as an assistant. After years of indentured servitude to these guys he strutted out on his own.

He crafted a career in location photography.  His corporate clients included Caremark, McDonalds, General Growth and Baxter. He photographed for a number of trade magazines as well as Forbes, Business Week and Wired.

Practice areas:

Gary Sigman Photography succumbed to the wiles of the Internet circa 1999.

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