Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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We’ve been using various types of social media, as appropriate, for our clients for years. For all the hype one is led to think that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInand all the other permutations are the silver bullet of marketing. In fact, we have found that the effectiveness varies from business to business according to a number of variables. Some types of social media work better for lifestyle-oriented businesses while others are more appropriate for B2B.

One of the dirty little secrets of a successful social media deployment is the same dirty little secret that applies to websites – fresh content is absolutely necessary. This is a requirement that is easily met if a business owner likes to write or has someone on staff that is a good writer. If not someone needs to be hired that can act as the voice of the business. Social media is only successful when this voice is engaging to the audience.

The current “common knowledge” about the importance and ease of social media is reminiscent of the early overly enthusiastic “if you build it they will come” hype about websites. In either case, implementing a strategic plan is what is going to help generate the interactions that will be good for your business.

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