If you have a smartphone the manufacturer has undoubtedly gone out of its way to trumpet how many apps are available for it. Apple’s iPhone led this charge although the various flavors of Microsoft’s mobile offering have had many available for years. Google’s Android operating system is now being offered by a large number of manufacturer’s and the rate of app development for Android has surpassed that of Apple’s iOS which means that Android will soon offer the largest number of apps.

Apple has now led the way again into tablets with their iPad. The larger screen of such tablets has started a new wave of development for tablet-specific apps. Google has released Android 3.0, nicknamed “Honeycomb”, which is the first version that is optimized for tablets.

All this enthusiasm for apps has spurred businesses to develop apps that are designed to specifically market their business. While no one can deny the “wow” factor of launching your very own app it does make me question how many apps the average person will use.

Both iOS and Android now have search built into the apps listings. Isn’t it easier to simply use the Internet to search for what you need? The blurring of utility between apps and websites becomes nearly complete when your website is properly designed to display a handheld-friendly design when accessed by a smartphone or tablet. A perfect example is found in Google Voice for iOS. What appears to be a nicely realized app is rendered in the Safari browser.

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