The reports of the death of SEO are greatly exaggerated

SEO is going to die in two years” asserts no less an expert than “one of the top SEO consultants in Utah”. This must be true because Utah, as everyone knows, is the center of the online marketing industry. Actually, when you read what was written after the headline the only thing being said is that SEO is changing due to the inclusion of social media statistics. What a surprise!

The same reason that led Mark Twain to say: ” The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” exists today. The death of something makes a great headline. The truth really isn’t a factor in a great headline. Unless you confused “truth” with Stephen Colbert’s “truthiness”. This “death of SEO” headline is especially popular with purveyors of social media marketing and content marketing who would like people to think that their specialty is more important than SEO.

But when they include phrases like “To be clear, keyword research and internal linking strategy still matter, but they probably only control 15% of your website’s overall ranking” it doesn’t really seem anything has died, does it? They are talking about how important a tool SEO is in social media and content marketing. They are using the word “probably” in an unsupported guess about rankings. Google doesn’t share the weighting percentages of their ranking algorithm so where does this weaselly “stat” of 15% come from? Thin air evidently. They go on to say that external links are more important but now include links from social media. None of this is anything very new. None of it suggest that SEO is “dying”.

So, we are to believe without any evidence that the “death of SEO” is going to be the result of including social media more in the weighting of links from other sites? Even though the giant Facebook is a walled garden that search penetrates in a small way and inconsistently at that? Actually, not at all. The fact is that social media and content have been parts of SEO since the days of AOL.

SEO, at least as practiced by sem[c], is about clearly stating online what your business does so that people know that they can buy what they need from you. This is easier said than done. So many businesses talk about who they think they are and why they are proficient without ever touching on “what’s in it for me?”. SEO by sem[c] helps businesses answer that question in the most effective way using all the tools of online communication: SEO, SMM & PPC in a unified and effective campaign.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  I prefer to work from facts.  The fact is that SEO is the most effective way to increase sales. Contact us to get SEO working for you.