Optimizing your website for your market

What does Search Engine Optimization really mean?

SEO seems to mean different things to different people. You may think that it has something to do with being on the first page of Google search returns. While that’s true the strokes that paint that picture are too broad. In the phrase “search engine optimization” what’s truly important is the word “optimization”. Search engines give us an excellent tool to determine how people in your market are looking not only for you but for what you are selling. Instead of guessing you can actually know the words being used to search for what it is that you are selling. But that’s only the first step. Once you’ve determined the correct search phrases you need to align your ads, your links and everything else in your online presence to answer any likely prospect only question: “What’s in it for me?”.

Here is a case study in how we reorganized the Samurai Business Group’s sales training website. SBG had a website with the very typical first person presentation of “We do this and we do that”. Their extensive collection of testimonial videos were listed on only two pages of their site and were simply categorized as “Testimonials”. Since I sell SEO services I wanted to know if they had worked with anyone in my business but there was no way to know.

The sem[c] reorg of the site features a very simple and responsive design. The central theme now revolves around the video testimonials which recursively illustrates their central theme of sales training which is “this is not about us, it’s about you”. The testimonials are now categorized into vertical markets. Their website is now optimized for their market. Visit them at http://samuraibizgrp.com

Samurai Business Group sales training

Your website can be optimized too, contact us to find out how.