Do you know where your passwords are?

So much has been written about online security that it’s hard to believe how many people have important passwords they don’t know about. Part of the problem is that there really aren’t any viable options.

So we are still stuck with using passwords.  This mean keeping track of them. Yet rarely does one of our new clients have all of the basics:

  1. Domain name registrar password – this gives you important control over your website address and, possibly, your email setup. You or your company should always be the owner of the registration NOT a third party.

  2. Hosting provider password – this give you access to how your website is put together and allows you to figure out the FTP password which gives you control of your website.

  3. All email accounts usernames and passwords – your company email belongs to the company NOT to individual users. In this era of cloud computing these usernames and passwords may also give access to online storage of company documents.

One of our clients found it necessary to part company with an employee.  This employee anticipated her own departure by changing all company passwords in her possession. After she left our client had us change the passwords that she had provided. One of them was incorrect as she had just changed it two days previously. We were able to access the account using password recovery linked one of the other accounts for which we did have working access. Luckily thoroughness was not one of the departed employee’s strong points in this case. A more thorough person could have made it a great deal more difficult to secure a company’s critical information.

How your business looks online is a critical part of your marketing. You can choose to let it take care of itself or make it work for you.  We can help.

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