Did you know that search engine marketing could help a 501(c)(3) too?

I sat on the Board of the Edgewater Development Corporation for five years and co-chaired its Marketing Committee.  If you are familiar with not-for-profit organization you know that they are frequently (and increasingly) under funded.  So a Google Grant that I help arrange for the organization is coming in very handy.  It is an in-kind grant that powers an AdWords campaign on Google to up to $10,000 per month.  It has multiplied traffic to the website year-over-year again again. This goes a long way in promoting the mission of the EDC: to attract business to the Edgewater neighborhood.  It also has the benefit of increasing the total amount of funding to the organization that can be claimed in future grant applications.

Search engine marketing is effective for many small to medium sized for-profit businesses, too.  VisitSearchEngineMarketingChicago.com to read about some of the companies that we’ve helped market. Call 773.769.7362 to discuss what sem[c] can do for your business… be it for profit or non-profit.