Google Maps

I was doing some research for a project recently and saw Google taking a different approach to Places, it’s term for results from in its general search returns.
Search Engine Marketing Chicago screen shot
The search is for “Chicago criminal defence attorney” (sic). Google ignores the misspelling without notice which is a bit different than previously when it noted the change. The real difference for me is how prominent the Places listings are as circled in red above. Photos have been added to these listings to enhance their visual appeal as well.


This more emphatically elevates the Places listings above the Organic listings which begin further down the page. In addition, the map on the right side of the results scrolls down with you if you move down the page which keeps that part of Places in front of you at all times.


It must be noted that this format does not appear for all types of businesses so  your mileage will, as always, vary.


At sem[c], we’ve been using Google Maps as an important component of our comprehensive marketing for years. So, no matter if it’s Google Places, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other part of online business marketing visit our website, call or email us.


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